Getting Your Email Marketing Message Read

By: Tj Philpott

Without getting your marketing message read by the intended recipient when working online all your other efforts are futile. This is especially true when it comes to conducting an email base marketing campaign. When people join your opt-in list the intention is for you to maintain contact, build a relationship and send promotional messages to them. If people are not even reading your emails they might as well not even have opted in. How is it that you can increase the chances members of your opt-in list will open and read the messages you send them?

Here are 5 suggestions to do just that!

Compelling Subject Line

The subject line of your email is like the title of an article and if it does not catch the attention of the recipient it will never get read. Make yours as compelling as possible by arousing curiosity with a question or even posing a challenge. If possible and applicable to your message, use benefits or any other means to motivate people to open the mail.

Get Personal

In most all cases the people on your opt-in list have left their first names so use that in the body of your message. The purpose behind this is that it helps to ‘personalize’ the message which tends to better capture the attention of people.

Send Useful Information

Remember when working online it is important to develop relationships and email based marketing offers you the perfect opportunity. By simply sending useful information to your readers they will gain a trust in you for freely offering them help. Avoid promoting too much to people through email or they will simply unsubscribe.

Hold the Hype

When you do promote something through email avoid using too much hype since this approach is normally used to get the attention of others. If these people are already on your list it stands to reason you already have their attention.

Keep Your Messages Focused

Always be mindful that emails should be kept as brief as possible. With that said it is wise to stay keenly focused on only one topic per message you send. By doing this readers are better able to keep their focus increasing the chance your entire message will be read.

Any marketing message you create and distribute or send when working online is only effective if it gets read by the intended recipient. No where in online marketing is this truer than when using an email based marketing campaign to build your business. With all the spam people are exposed to it has become increasingly more difficult to keep members of your opt-in list from discarding your emails as well. The 5 suggestions offered above serve not to get your emails identified more easily but also help you to compose more focused and useful information your readers will look forward to receiving.
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